In my studio:

2-hrs session = £70

3-hrs session = £90

Lessons will be held Mon-Fri from 10am to 10pm either at your place with your set-up (within M25) or in my own studio in East London (see Contacts for details).

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Bullet Introduction to Logic and its Interface

  1. Bullet Recording Audio (Microphone, Instrument)

  1. Bullet Recording and Programming MIDI

  1. Bullet Audio / MIDI Editing Techniques

  1. Bullet Using Plug-In Instruments and FX

  1. Bullet Time Stretching (Apple Loops and REX files)

  1. Bullet Rewire with Ableton Live and Reason

  1. Bullet Parameters’ Automation

  1. Bullet Arranging your Tracks

  1. Bullet Mixing Techniques

  1. Bullet Exporting your Song

More specific topics such as Configuring Audio and MIDI Hardware or Scoring Movies can be addressed to suit your needs.

Keyboard shortcuts and Troubleshooting options will be learnt during the lessons.

In your studio:

2-hrs session = £110

3-hrs session = £140


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